online-marketing-SEO-online PRYour website may be well structured and beautifully designed, but that alone won’t drive traffic. That’s why Flare develops and implements on-site and off-site SEO strategies, runs paid advertising, conducts email marketing, social contests and other digital marketing activities for its clients.

SEO Optimization

Through our strategic SEO optimization services, we’ll ensure your website outranks your competitor’s website in Google and other search engines, driving organic traffic and better conversion rates. Because we are Google Adwords certified, we are experts at performing keyword research and keyword analysis to get your website to rank organically and reach your target audience.

Online PR

Online public relations became a go-to strategy for Internet marketing as a whole. Flare will write and distribute SEO-optimized press release that will elicit call backs  from reporters and generate tons of free publicity for your business. We will also monitor positive and negative mentions about your brand online and provide you with thorough
sentiment reports.

PPC Campaigns

If you’ve ever felt as though your advertising is irrelevant or doesn’t reach the right people, we have your solution: pay-per-click marketing campaigns. By creating and monitoring PPC campaigns that appear in the Sponsored Ads section of search engine results pages, Flare helps your business get seen by the people who are seeking the services or products you offer. The best part? With paid search, you only pay when potential customers click through.

Email Marketing

Allow us to introduce you to email marketing: an easy, effective way for you to connect with your customers, and for customers to share your message with their networks. We’ll create compelling email marketing materials that your recipients can’t help but want to share with their friends, family and colleagues. The result? Quantifiable business growth.