At Flare, we want your business to succeed just as much as you do; that’s why we are excited to define and share your brand with the world. With a friendly, deeply experienced staff that includes industry leaders in online marketing, design, programming, copywriting and project management, Flare has all the tools to strategically build and expand your company’s digital reach and online reputation while guiding you every step of the way.

We know what you’ve heard. For your business to succeed in the modern marketplace, you have to be online.

But that’s not enough.

You need an integrated strategy that drives your digital presence and is optimized to ensure every dollar you spend achieves not only brand awareness, but a strong return on investment. That’s where Flare comes in. We’ll help you evaluate and answer the questions we know are on your mind:

  • Will time and money spent on the web actually lead to customers?
  • What will it cost to maintain your website and digital presence down the road?
  • Should you spend resources on SEO or paid advertising, or just stick with traditional advertising?
  • Should you follow the latest trends, like parallax design or ad retargeting?

We let the data provide the answers. Using an analytic-driven approach, we will strategically plan your online growth, define and track important metrics, and make educated decisions to ensure both brand and bottom line considerations.

Before developing your customized digital marketing strategy we will:

  • research your target market
  • define measurable goals
  • develop a strategic marketing plan
  • evaluate one-time and on-going costs
  • educate you on which metrics should be measured and how
  • project business results

The result? You can take control of your digital marketing and make the online world work for you.

Here’s what sets Flare apart:

  • Value-based pricing

Unlike most marketing firms, we won’t flood your account with hourly fees for work that you can’t quantify. Flare is a fixed price marketing agency, which means we believe that pricing should reflect the value we give our clients rather than the time we spend completing the job. That’s why we provide fixed pricing. Not only does it make billing crystal-clear for you, but it also gives us the freedom to exercise our innovation without compromising your budget or efficiency.

  • Marketing integration

When asked the question, “Which came first, the marketing or the branding?” our answer is, “Both!” At Flare, we understand that these two pillars of your business should be intrinsically connected. That’s why we implement your internet marketing campaigns into your branding strategy, and make sure your branding is consistently applied across the marketing initiatives we develop for print, web and beyond.